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Welcome to Cogw3b, The all in one mesh VPN solution. With our software you don’t require a VPN , instead two users in different locations can mask their IP’s to appear as if coming from the same location. This will enable you to bypass Geo-Blocking or software or applications that require you to be at the same IP.

Cogw3b does not endorse any miss-use of this software, and although it is completely free to use, we do require you to generate a pin code, this will give you 6 hours use of the software. Some companies do not like it when you share your credentials between different households to access their subscription services, we highly recommend you do not use our software to bypass this, and to only use it for legal purposes.

If however you choose to use this software to bypass these companies checks, we take no responsibilities for your actions, and any repercussions that may follow.



Setup Guide

Video Guide Also Here

Step 1 :

First you will need a google account, you must be willing to share login details with the party you wish to Mesh with, any free account will do, so you can easily just go and create a new account here if you don’t want to share your main one.

Step 2 :

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