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Barone Budge and Dominick (BBD) Work Experience as Software Development Intern

Company Name: BBD (Barone Budge and Dominick) INDIA PVT LTD.

  • Duration: 1st January,2023- 30th June, 2023
  • Location: Pune, INDIA


Hello Geeks, Hope you are well!

I’m Saurav Kesari, and I’m writing an article to describe my experience working as an intern at BBD Software Development Company. I’m hoping this may help you learn something.

I got the pleasure to intern at BBD Software Development during my campus internship in 2023, a leading technology company known for its innovative solutions and commitment to digital transformation. Throughout my internship, I was exposed to a diverse range of projects and was fortunate to work with a talented team of professionals who guided and mentored me throughout the journey. My role primarily revolved around leveraging my skills in Angular, Spring Boot for API development, MS-SQL Server for database management, and AWS for deployment to contribute to real-world projects.

Internship Experience:

We(Our team) were given a challenging project module for a real estate business as part of our internship at BBD. The goal was to create a web application event scheduler that could effectively manage all events and meetings within the business. The Programme was specially made to accommodate many kinds of gatherings, including board meetings, client meetings, and talks on new projects. This project gave us the chance to use our technological know-how while also developing a deeper comprehension of the particular needs of the real estate sector.

Since BBD is a multinational corporation, we received the training via online meetings from our South African headquarters. We received mentors to help us with an internship. We met with our South African team and their interns once a week. We had to talk about the challenges we were having constructing the project, and they were assisting us in overcoming those challenges. They were incredibly kind and willing to assist you in any way. Despite the fact that we repeatedly asked them identical questions, they did not reprimand us.

once a year The South American team traveled to India in March to meet with all of the interns and to provide two days of celebrations for them. We visited a go-kart track and a bowling alley. Those two days had been really enjoyable for us. We learned about their work environment and how they balance work and personal obligations.

During my internship, I indulged in a live project related to a trading web application for a Bank. During this project, I gained a lot of new knowledge and skills that I had never gained during college. I worked on front-end Development skills like ReactJS, GraphQL, and CSS. Finally, within the deadline, our team finished the specified project, and we deployed it to AWS. Our South African team was pleased with the advancements we had made throughout this internship when we delivered this project to them. They extended us a full-time work offer at BBD based on our performance throughout our internship.


  • No work pressure
  • Hybrid work Environment
  • Cutting-edge tech stack used
  • Job security
  • Healthcare Support
  • Working Allowance
  • Supportive environment
  • Time and location flexibility
  • Ability to meet personal goals

Last Updated :
07 Aug, 2023

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