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Chubb Interview Experience for Technology Associate Program

In my pursuit of a promising career, I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Chubb campus drive for the esteemed Technology Associate Program. The selection process comprised four rounds, each posing its own set of challenges. Let me walk you through my experience.

Round 1: HackerRank Test

The initial round consisted of a coding challenge on HackerRank. Divided into two sections, it put my problem-solving skills to the test. Section one comprised three relatively straightforward questions, while section two presented two more complex problems. Success in section two significantly boosted the chances of advancing to the next round. I managed to tackle three questions from section one and one and a half from section two, which qualified me for the next stage.

Round 1 Questions:

Section 1:

1. Maximize Count of Pairs (i, j) from Two Arrays: Solving pairs of elements from two arrays based on specific criteria.

problem link:

2. Instance Counter Class: Implementing a class to track instance counts in a program.

3. Reduce String to Minimum Length: Minimizing a string’s length using a given operation.

problem link:

Section 2:

1. Length of the Longest Subsequence such that XOR of Adjacent Elements is Equal to K.

problem link:

2. Rearrange a Linked List such that all Even and Odd Positioned Nodes are Together.

problem link:

Round 2: L1 – Technical Interview

This virtual technical interview lasted approximately 30 minutes and involved two interview panel members. The questions ranged from database management systems (DBMS) and object-oriented programming (OOPs) to full-stack development and data engineering. Additionally, I faced inquiries about language syntax and projects listed on my resume. Behavioral questions were also part of the discussion. The interview level was intermediate, and I successfully cleared this round, advancing to the next phase.

Round 3: L2 – Technical Interview

Conducted virtually, this round lasted around 20 minutes and featured five-panel members. Compared to the L1 interview, it posed a higher level of difficulty. The focus was on the projects mentioned in my resume, requiring in-depth knowledge of the technologies I had utilized. Furthermore, questions about my internship experience and some HR-related inquiries were also part of the session. While I did not clear this round, it proved to be a valuable learning experience.

Round 4: Senior Manager Discussion Round

In the final round, I had an insightful discussion with the head of Chubb. This round allowed for a more informal and open conversation, further assessing my fit for the program.

This is my interview journey with the Chubb Technology Associate Program. Though it had its ups and downs, I am grateful for the invaluable experience it provided me on my path to a successful career.

Last Updated :
31 Jul, 2023

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