Artificial Intelligence

Great Learning stood as a pillar of support

With over 27 years of experience in the Army, I’ve journeyed through various domains of technology, from Geospatial Science to Space Technology, Electronic Warfare, and AI. My path has led me to become a leading figure in a startup focused on AI/ML within the realms of AR/VR. Co-founding this venture was a bold step, but my extensive background prepared me for the challenges ahead.

My journey wasn’t without its surprises. Despite my rich experience, I initially had only a basic understanding of AI before embarking on a Doctoral course in Spatial Information Technology. It was during this period that my expertise truly began to expand. I also had a stint as the COO of a startup dealing in AR/VR, further enriching my experience.

One pivotal moment was the development of an application centered around conversational AI. This application underwent an evolution driven by Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN), with extensive training and testing using the tools I had gained from my coursework. The results were astounding—performance soared, and accuracy reached new heights.

The journey had its challenges too. The accuracy of translation took a hit when the Neural Network switched to a Deep Feed Forward (DFF) model. However, relentless experimentation and tweaking finally led us to the right path. The RNN model emerged as the hero, elevating the accuracy of translated text beyond expectations. What was once below 70% surged to an impressive 82%.

Through the course, I had grasped the significance of combining techniques to achieve accuracy. Clean data, a proprietary dictionary, and bi-directional propagation were crucial for tackling missing word analysis. This understanding spurred a series of actions: data standards were enhanced, data size expanded, suitable models selected, libraries and dictionaries constructed, annotated data meticulously prepared, and high-end systems leveraged.

The outcomes spoke for themselves. The quality of data surged, accuracy standards climbed, translation accuracy improved, and the application’s performance underwent a marked transformation. My understanding of the problem deepened, and solutions presented themselves more clearly.

Throughout this journey, “Great Learning” stood as a pillar of support. Concepts of AI and various techniques found their clarity through this platform. Mentorship sessions and industry insights fortified my confidence, equipping me to identify techniques tailored to solve any challenge. The knowledge I gained has become an integral part of my work, empowering me to tackle obstacles with a newfound understanding.

In retrospect, my voyage from a technocrat in the Army to a leader in AI/ML-driven AR/VR applications has been fueled by perseverance, experimentation, and the unwavering support of learning resources like “ Great Learning”. The fusion of experience and newfound expertise has positioned me to innovate and overcome, while continually expanding the horizons of what technology can achieve.