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HighRadius Interview Experience for ASE

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Round 1: Online Test(easy)

Duration: 3 hours

In these three hours test was divided into two sections of which 30 minutes of time is allotted for Aptitude Section.

2 hours and 30 minutes for coding round consisting of four questions(Note: No language usage restriction).

Problem 1:

There are N bowls numbered from 1 to N and each bowl can contain maximum 9 marbles. A user has to add a marble to the last bowl i.e. Nth Bowl. If Nth bowl is full i.e. it already has 9 marbles, you need to check in (N-1)th bowl. If (N-1)th bowl has space to accomodate one more marble, then you need to add marble in it and remove all the marbles from Nth bowl. You need to identify the bowl will be modified when you add a marble. If all bowls are full, print output as 0.

Problem 2:

There are N interns numbered from 1 to N. Each intern is assigned a unique ID for each day. Rules being 1<=N<=24.
The ith intern has an ID of (5000*i) on day 1 and for the rest of the days, Day(i) = Day(i-1)+5000+(i-1)
Input to the problem is ID of intern. Output is number of intern on particular day. 

Problem 3:

There are N street lights numbered from 1 to N. Each street lamp i has two numbers start(i), end(i) meaning they can light all the streets numbered from start to end. You just need to find out how many areas are getting lighted.

Problem 4:

There are N bus stops numbered from 1 to N. B[i] denotes the number of buses going from the ith bus stop.
Each bus will only stop in the bus stop which is the multiple of the bus stop the bus is initially in. which means if a bus starts from 2nd bus stop, it will only stop in 2,4,6,8,10,12…. bus stops. If 3 then, 3 6 9 12 15 18. Each bus if it goes from the ith bus stop, will also go from the next ith multiple bus stop. You need to tell the number of unique buses from each bus stop.

Round 2:Face to Face Interview Round

I was asked about my project and some questions related to my project and some questions on Java(my preferred language).

Questions are like:

  • What is Object Class?
  • Give any method example of object class.
  • What is the difference between PreparedStatement, CallabelStatement and Statement?
  • Explain garbage collection in Java.

Round 3: HR Interview

This interview was pretty easy asking basic questions like

  • Details regarding to family background
  • Location preference
  • Things I don’t like during the interview process

Last Updated :
03 Aug, 2023

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