Artificial Intelligence

I embarked on a transformative journey

With over 14 years of professional experience under my belt, I stand as a certified and accomplished individual currently navigating the intricate landscape of End-User Computing (EUC) and related technologies. My role as a Senior Support Engineer revolves around the product WorkSpace One (Airwatch), a space where I’ve grown and thrived.

As a technical lead for my module, I find myself engaged in a myriad of activities. From interacting with client management to collaborating with various fields (SAM/TAM/PSO), handling partner escalations, and even conducting product demonstrations, my days are dynamic and diverse. My journey wasn’t always tied to my current role; prior to joining this program, I was deeply immersed in product support engineering, a world that now blends seamlessly into my present expertise.

The path that led me to Great Learning was paved by the virtual trails of search engines. Upon discovering this avenue of knowledge, I embarked on a transformative journey. The capstone project, centered around predicting attrition within organizations, proved to be a fascinating challenge. However, the most demanding aspect was weaving the threads of the course together. My approach involves maintaining a panoramic view, helping me link concepts and ideas that initially seemed disparate. Although it was a new realm for me, I embraced self-study to conquer this unfamiliar territory.

In the realm of AI, data collection and model training emerge as formidable challenges. My advice to fellow learners is to maintain an open approach to data sources; it’s a pivotal lesson I’ve learned along the way. Throughout this endeavor, the Great Learning team extended unwavering support, offering guidance whenever needed.

The transformation I’ve undergone is profound. Once a participant who grappled with the intricacies of AI, I’ve emerged as a leader who can confidently navigate discussions surrounding the subject. This newfound understanding has armed me for any AI-related project that may come my way. Although the full impact of this learning journey is yet to be fully realized, one thing is certain—I’m brimming with confidence in my comprehension of AI, ready to integrate it into my work in ways that will undoubtedly reshape my professional landscape.