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My journey from Fashion Designer to Analytics- Sarabjeet, PGP- DSBA

From being a fashion designer to studying Data Analytics, Sarabjeet has had a beautiful journey. Making a career transition may often seem intimidating, but with the right guidance and people around you, it becomes easier. Read more about her journey with Great Learning’s PGP- Data Science and Analytics course.

Tell us about your professional background.

I am a fashion designer with an MBA in Retail Management and worked with few known retail brands like Guess, Kenneth Cole, Hopscotch as a Retail Merchandise Planner for 8 years. I am currently working at Fractal Analytics as a Sr. Analytics Consultant. 

Why did you decide to upskill?

As a Retail Planner, I used to analyze retail data for solving various problems that a merchandiser would face daily. My problems were restricted to Descriptive Statistics and decisions taken on just historical analysis, gut, and instincts. I realized that to make better decisions and advance my career, I will need to expand my knowledge with new tools and technologies. That’s when I enrolled myself in the PGP-DSBA program and started learning new aspects.

How was your experience with the interview process?

Towards the end of the program, one of my peers got an offer from Fractal. She suggested that I should also apply for the same. Being from a non-technical background, I was still not confident to give interviews. I was shortlisted and I got a month to prepare for the interview. I went through all the projects done by me at work to prepare myself. The Fractal interview was very grilling that tested my domain and technical skills. The Great Learning team supported me throughout this process and pushed me to continue working towards my goal. 

How did the PGP-DSBA course help in your transition?

Whatever I learned in the program, I applied it at work. This helped me to do a lot of small real-world projects in my domain along with 2 big projects. Doing these projects gave good hands-on exposure to me in the real world. Since I had worked hands-on with real problems in my existing domain, I was able to answer the questions in my interview confidently. Finally, I was able to crack the interview in Fractal and transition my career in analytics.