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Siemens Advanta is an MNC company. I got selected for the interview through a coding competition. The interview was held in two rounds as follows:

Technical Round:

This round lasted for 45 minutes. Initially, the interviewer asked some questions based on my resume and my final project. After that, some technical conversions are as follows:

Interviewer: Are you comfortable in C language?

Me: Yes

Interviewer: Shared a code in C language and asked me to debug it.

Me: Examined the code and explained the error.

Interviewer: How many languages do you know?

Me: C, Java and Python.

Interviewer: Explain the difference between ArrayList and Array in Java.

Me: Both are used to store elements of similar data structures but ArrayList is used when we need dynamic memory allocation i.e., size can be modified later. For an Array, memory is static and we define the size of the array during initialization itself.

Interviewer: Why do we use Abstract Class?

Me: To have a common format, so as to implement its features many times i.e. polymorphism and also to hide the details of the code.

After a series of questions like this, the interviewer asked me to share my screen and then asked me to write code for the given question. I have written the code. Finally, the interview ended.

HR Round:

Asked about my current working company. I explained it. Asked my reason for choosing Siemens Advanta. I have already done research about the company, so I explained the same. Finally after the discussion about work and salary expectations, the interview ended.

After a few days, I got the offer letter from the company.

Last Updated :
07 Aug, 2023

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