Artificial Intelligence

The mentorship aspect was invaluable

With a background in B.Com and an MBA in IT, my journey spanning 22 years in the IT sector has been a remarkable one. Over the years, I’ve managed diverse portfolios, from being a Delivery Lead to a Project Manager and even stepping into the role of a Program Manager in the Design, Development, and Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) space. The world of PLM and IT has been my canvas, but my quest for new horizons led me to seek AI-specific programs for leaders. Enter Great Learning—an avenue that would transform my perspective on a relatively new domain and technology.

Embarking on this journey with Great Learning was nothing short of wonderful. The program opened my eyes to a different perspective on a field that was still taking shape, and it was executed with precision and excellence. The content was enriching, and the entire experience proved to be enlightening.

As a team, our primary goal was to delve into a project that could solve a real-world problem. Our initial discussions danced around multiple options that could leverage our newfound knowledge from the program. Amid these discussions, three options emerged, each brimming with potential. However, the compelling dynamics of addressing the challenges faced by the aging population struck a chord. It was a journey filled with ups and downs, debates, suggestions, adjustments, and hard work. Despite the challenges, the team managed to create a solution within the limited timeframe, an outcome that left us content.

What truly stood out was the diverse experience brought by different team members with varying areas of expertise. Great Learning’s multidimensional exposure allowed us to explore different perspectives on the same problem, ranging from data to market trends, technology, finances, and both short-term and long-term goals.

In the beginning, skepticism loomed due to data availability, the existence of similar solutions, and the complexity of adaptability. However, two key principles emerged: start with the basics and establish your goals before seeking immediate solutions. It’s about incremental progress and exploring alternatives to find a solid direction. Building a recommendation system presented multiple options, each with its own merits, but the ultimate aim was to create an optimized solution given the resources at hand.

The mentorship aspect was invaluable. Our decision to tackle the aging population problem was reinforced by the guidance and insights provided by our mentor. While my domain was different, the exposure gained from Great Learning helped me see potential applications in the areas of New Product Introduction (NPI) and Change Management.

From this experience, I’ve garnered the importance of teamwork, a fresh approach to a new domain, and a profound appreciation for the power of AI technologies to address complex problems. The exposure to different domains and experiences, all collaborating to solve an intricate problem using AI, was a revelation.

My key takeaways from this journey with Great Learning are to thoroughly grasp both the technical and domain concepts, understand your customers’ expectations, and build solutions that seamlessly address their needs. This journey was insightful, brimming with varied experiences. The program structure, encompassing quizzes and projects, was effective, and though the pace was challenging given the vastness of the AI landscape, the practical knowledge gained was invaluable. The support provided by Ashish was excellent, his availability a testament to the dedication of the Great Learning team.

All in all, this journey has equipped me with a new lens through which I view AI’s potential, opening doors to new avenues where technology and domain expertise converge for impactful solutions.